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"Love with compassion..

Katribo Charities Center
(A five year plan)

We know that this project is huge but we believe that things are possible in God's appointed time.

This center will be a place of refuge and a place of hope and  dreams.

We wanted to help many people to get into the sports; train many athletes in our sports facilities; helped organizations to have a place for their seminars, camping, retreat, and church services; and helped individual to have a quiet place for meditation and recovery.

 A total of 26,000 sqm of land was donated by Romeo Puncia (


To help and support the Indigenous and Tribal Communities through different programs that will uplift their living conditions holistically, and dedicated to serve with Compassion, Commitment and Care.

October 29-31, 2020 

TatlongAraw K3BO, Music Festival and Wilderness Camp (Cancelled)

August 2020, TBA

Tribal Mission Short-Term Mission Exposure (Cancelled)

December 12, 2020

KCI Welcome Party

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