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The KATRIBO CHARITIES INC. is a registered charitable and non-profit organisation in the Philippines, with the help of our partners, our aims is to uplift the living conditions of the Indigenous and Tribal Communities in the Philippines through various activities such as sports, leadership training, education, feeding and medical programs, and a lot more.


To help and support the Indigenous and Tribal Communities through different programs that will uplift their living conditions holistically, and dedicated to serve with Compassion, Commitment and Care.


An empowered, educated, and talented indigenous and tribal people.


  • To train and equip the indigenous and tribal people through leadership and training programs.

  • To help the individual discover their talents though sports and skills development.

  • To support the kids and youth through education and literacy programs.

  • To promote health and safe environment through medical and healthcare programs.

  • To network and collaborate with other organisations and agencies in projects and activities to help promote the preservation of cultural heritage.

  • To implement community projects for the benefit of its member.

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