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Before you fill up the volunteer application form please read the following:

  • This application form is best viewed in your desktop.

  • Please be honest in answering all the questions below.

  • Make sure to include your current ministry/charity/organization involvement and some skills or talent that you wanted to share in the mission team or in the tribal communities.

  • If the space provided are not enough for your personal information, you may add the infos in the last part of "Your Short Life Testimony" section.

  • If you are part of an existing organization that offer the same services, you may send a "No Objection Letter" to

  • If you are a church worker or member who wanted to involve with a short or long-term mission trip kindly send us a recommendation letter from your local church leader.

  • If you are a minor, please send a letter authorized by your guardian.

  • This volunteer application form is open to all denomination, individual, and affiliation. Options will be provided on how to partner with us in providing services to our tribal mission works and communities across the Philippines.

  • This application form will be evaluated by the Board Members and President of the organization.

  • Please see below the volunteer application process.​

Please note:

If you want to skip the Volunteer Application Form and Process and you just wanted to help us in other way please go to "GET INVOLVED" page to see your other options.

Volunteer Application Process:

1. Fill up and Submit the Application Form.

2. You will be contacted to schedule your online interview (2-3 weeks after submitting the application form.)

3. Once successfully selected (within 5 days after your online interview) a confirmation letter will be sent to your email. In the letter you will be assigned to a specific position or task in the organization, other options and categories will be provided. Don't forget to sign the agreement letter and send it back within 7 days.

4. You will receive a welcome letter and list of our available schedule for your orientation.

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