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Here are the ways on how you can help us in our mission.


You can join us in the mission field by sharing your talent and skills such as playing an instrument, sports, making crafts, preparing healthy meals, something to start a livelihood program, and many more. Please check the list of events, programs, and activities where you want be involved and send us an email in the contact section below or fill up the Volunteer Application Form.


We need dedicated workers, teachers, professionals, instructors, and trainers to help us in shaping the bright future of each individuals living in the tribal communities by providing them care, trainings, seminars, education, and leadership programs. You can choose between short (1-4 weeks) or long-term mission trip (5 weeks to 1 year.) 

This is a life-changing experience where you will be living with the tribal communities either in the mountain, sea, beside the river, crossing more than 5 river, etc. To get you start with this beautiful journey, click here..


With the list of our ongoing programs and project that you can find in the SERVICES section, you can send us gifts, new or pre loved items, in-kind donations such as school and medical supplies, clothes, shoes, sport equipment, food, oral hygiene items, livelihood, and other basic needs. 


You can help us financially to support our on going programs and future projects. We are open for a monthly, bi-annually, annually or your preferred commitment. Your loving support will help our tribal communities for their basic needs and run our mission programs and activities.  Please click DONATE NOW  or send us an email in the contact below to start your financial partnership with us.



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T: +63 966 7444439 / M: +971 56 6602496  


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The KATRIBO CHARITIES INC. is a charitable, non-profit organisation. With the help of our partners, our aims is to uplift the living conditions of every Indigenous and Tribal Communities in the Philippines

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